Saturday, December 27, 2008


(ahem ahem..Not in any particular order... )
To Chettan,
Wishing you a century partnership...
To Vimal,
Advanced Birthday wishes... I want to see you getting married this year.. doesnt matter whether you invite me or not :P..
To Proff,
Dr. Proff.... Period.
To Kaadu,
I am worried... but not that much.. an Oxford MBA will find a job in any market.. :)
To Leo/ashok,
Wishing you a century partnership :) ... I miss you .. I envy you as well..
To Unknown FMCG senior(working in "connecting people")
I like you machi.. I ll tell you what... You are going to be one of the stars in few more years down the line...
To a girl,
love you .... (Everything else is included in this simple statement)..
To me,
For exploring "Chandni chowk to Cuttack" ( I ll be based out of orissa for next 1 year guys :D)
For walking with a candle called hope ...
For a Boss who is twice as old as me .. Half deaf.. Half Blind.. but TT/chess champion who
can discuss Indian Coffee house origins to International Film Festivals at Bhubaneshwar..
For Being the worst son possible (and not having any Guilt as well)
For being the worst possible friend ( ok .. its a confession time..... )
To God,
For making me an atheist...
For giving me a father who says... " I am proud of you"... and I know that he means it...
For showing me the way to my freedom...