Saturday, December 27, 2008


(ahem ahem..Not in any particular order... )
To Chettan,
Wishing you a century partnership...
To Vimal,
Advanced Birthday wishes... I want to see you getting married this year.. doesnt matter whether you invite me or not :P..
To Proff,
Dr. Proff.... Period.
To Kaadu,
I am worried... but not that much.. an Oxford MBA will find a job in any market.. :)
To Leo/ashok,
Wishing you a century partnership :) ... I miss you .. I envy you as well..
To Unknown FMCG senior(working in "connecting people")
I like you machi.. I ll tell you what... You are going to be one of the stars in few more years down the line...
To a girl,
love you .... (Everything else is included in this simple statement)..
To me,
For exploring "Chandni chowk to Cuttack" ( I ll be based out of orissa for next 1 year guys :D)
For walking with a candle called hope ...
For a Boss who is twice as old as me .. Half deaf.. Half Blind.. but TT/chess champion who
can discuss Indian Coffee house origins to International Film Festivals at Bhubaneshwar..
For Being the worst son possible (and not having any Guilt as well)
For being the worst possible friend ( ok .. its a confession time..... )
To God,
For making me an atheist...
For giving me a father who says... " I am proud of you"... and I know that he means it...
For showing me the way to my freedom...

Friday, October 17, 2008

OMG !!

The only reaction which I want to show after seeing all TN politicians fighting for srilankan Tamils : "Ohh My God !! Not again.. "
I hope these political fools realise that they are digging their own grave....
I hope India doesn't interfere in someone's internal mess.
I realise that my kindness is mistaken for weakness...
No I don't want to please everyone in my life.. My DNA has not been programmed to do that ..
I do show special affection to people whom I love ..... but that ends there ...
I am definitely not a "insecure" type who wants many people around me ( infact its other way around ...I want to be left alone in this world .. where I can shape it the way I want it to be shaped.. )
No , this section is not about "him" who was the subject of my previous posts.. I can understand his reactions. Its just that I have become cool about the whole episode. I don't like him or hate him.. I just don't think about him anymore.
First reaction after seeing Delhi (unlike most of the suvave people, I have seen the other side of Delhi... the other side where cycle rickshaws are the preferred mode of the transport) -- " Nothing can beat mumbai... period".
The most important Turn-on for me ... " she should be someone who has a good heart" ...
Again if her kindness is mistaken for weakness, then she should fu*k their happiness..
Intelligence + Innocence -- ( will I ever get this combo ? :P .. hopefully I'll get lucky as I always have been in life :D)
Well, I hate mentioning this.. But then i should...
There are so many people who think that men jump at first sight ..No (from my experience)
- I really think my sperm is precious. I can't waste it on any random girl..
- No .. Just because I am a guy doesn't mean that I ll have sex with random girl just because I get an opportunity..
- Sex and love are definitely related... atleast for me.
- No .. the above sentences doesn't prove anything about my manhood.. I am answerable to my girl and I am sure my girl will not find me lacking in anything :P .. I ll be more than willing to "cooperate" :D
- some men hate to lose their virginity.. Period.. It has to be special for them :D
- No.. I am not oppposed to pre-marital sex.. I am definitely a liberal .. But that doesnt mean that I'll use an opportunity... I definitely respect women..
( something which happened in my life few days back made me to write this section... )
I dont think I am a "CEO" material... the bubble had burst after seeing people like my mentors who are way way ahead in life ...
I respect and love my team. My team respects me... Hopefully they ll start loving me back :D
I have seen so many sectors.. but then,
If you are choosing FMCG, you ll never regret in life...
where are the TAM songs ?
Is it an end of an era ? Gone are the days of Ilayaraja ....
I guess he is unofficially dead unless "Naan kadavul" brings him back..

Currently reading
you are here - By meenakshi madhavan reddy ..
Elephant, tiger and cellphone - Shashi Tharoor ..
Some compilation of malayalam short stories ..
Rural Marketing ..
Fooled by randomness ...
and ofcourse a Sudhir Kakkar's book. He just rocks ...

Thoda sa Delhi, thoda sa Thand, Thoda sa Sunlite, Thoda sa marketing, Thoda sa sales, Thoda sa people, Thoda sa andhra bhavan, Thoda sa punjabi words, Thoda sa friendship, Thoda sa "leching" at Fair skin, Thoda sa hindi, Thoda sa movies -- However Bahooth Jyada "Life" ...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the journey...

another 3 months...
Had a rough 10 days and a rough week ahead as well...
Closed my second month.. The numbers just happen...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dont know why ...

India is all about sex workers, under-world, terrorists, kashmir and orphans...
mani ratnam claims that guru is a better movie than most of his movies...
All sales men claim that their spouse and children are sick...
I love shallow lyrics ....
I want to buy a Rajapalayam Breed dog....
I have lost 5-6 Kgs in 2 Months...
I love sales... ( takes a toll on you.. But still you love it)
still I believe...... Period.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy days...

"small" things can make your heart feel warm..
one such small thing is seeing the guy( my best friend) going for the lay-up after seven years...
watching "Happy Days" movie with your UG friends( well , you can't get a better ambience than this...)
Listening to Robin Williams talking to Matt damon in Good-Will Hunting ( I guess I would have watched this movie atleast 20 times)
a new mobile, Hard disk, songs, movies, new relationships....
waiting for the single mail which might come in 2013.... the subject line would be.. " Its time... Lets make a move...."
till then... Learn, observe, enjoy, make love...............
My life is a swiss chocolate right now...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Taxi Taxi...

Dry.. sarcastic lyrics..
just celebrates unconditional friendship ..
starts with a beautiful Pun and just moves on with some beautiful lines..

A friend of mine to other friend of mine at morning 7.00: " I want to commit suicide"
The other guy: "Ok.. call me after 10.00 .. I want to sleep now" :D..

Moi : " I feel like dying.. my mouth is paining " ( when I was down with ... well ... such a "bad oral disease" :P)
Chettan: " ok.. Should I bury you or burn you? "

If you can love the dry sarcastic friendship one liners, well.. go ahead and enjoy that Tam song...
There would always be a Tam guy near by to help with the translation... :)

P.s. what a great relief !!! No more "Mustafa" crap after 15 years....

kootukaran... contd.

I send you a sms on the day before your exam.. you dont reply me back.
I write a post on your birthday.. I m not even sure whether you have my blog in your feed.. (for that matter I dont even care about that.. its just that the post conveyed my love to you)...
I come to your place.. you behave like a diplomatic jerk.. I dont care...
I tell you that I got placed.. I dont get a return mail..
I send you my phone number and explicitly tell you that I expected your call.. I dont get a call..

I keep sending mails to an arbit group with lots of acquaintances .. the mails are about my work life .. Not because I want to boast.. because I thought that atleast you will feel happy that im happy in my life.. I thought that you ll feel happy that Im doing good...
Instead I get a mail which projects me like a "jerk" before people I love...

but I owe you a lot.. you have been my conscience keeper.. my source of strength during distress... you have loved me .. my apologies incase I hurt you..

I respect "your choice".. its just that I ignore "jerks" and "jerk mails".. Not that both of us care about it any more.. but still I have my own value systems which value "friendship". Period.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


for if I offer a hand of friendship and If someone doesn't accept it, Its no more my fault..

Right now Im at a resort with 10 of my UG friends.. its just that age old saying comes to your mind.. Friendship should stand test of time....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beginners luck.....

The son of the Bitch just got his July numbers...........
Not that the son of the Bitch did a great job.. but then it just happened... beginners luck ?:P
Month end in sales is like an orgasm .. as long as you extend it, it gives agony and pleasure :P

ps: Son of the bitch - For whatever Grey things Im doing in the field... yup.. Im no more the pure soul(atleast thats what I want to perceive/ pretend)... but then its like kamal's dialouge in Nayakan... when you do your work, realise the fact that you are doing your part in kurukshetra..

Its just that too much is happening in work and I couldn't even speak about that to anyone..

Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Fair....

She had a beautiful Tan... dark, tall and an amazing shape..
i was looking at her as she entered the shop..

I couldn't resist looking at her..until she opened her mouth and said ..." One Fair & Lovely " :(

Dark... Tan... Hmmmm.....

p.s. The market teaches me many things... The real world is far far different from the all rosy Blog world... ( sounds cliched.. but then how many of us understand this ?)...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I care....

I care more than I show or more than you can understand ... Period.
I love but then I need not be loved back.. Period

its his wedding...

No more mid-night walks in ECR beaches..
No more "dey arul, lets go for a Tea..."
No more staying at the beach house...
No more Aruna bar...
No more taking a T-shirt from his bag...

The first one in the clan gets married...
what the heck ... He brings a new person and lot of love and affection to the clan :P...
Hopefully that will set the trend....
welcome to the party guys....
Life in Hyd is more or less simliar to Life in Lyon...
Except that Chettan is replaced by someone who is similar to chettan...
Except that Horlicks is replaced by bournvita :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


you hope that you would get a good looking air-hostess to serve you and you ask for a aisle seat.
and you get a male flight attendant( or steward ? )serving you.

you hope that you would get a good looking girl next to your seat in the train... ofcourse you get a 70 year old grandma who needs ur help.

you buy a train toy for your friend's 1 year old child .. and ofcourse they point out that they have so many train toys as every tom, dick and harry buys only train toys ....

you start at 7 in the night from the depot(to reach home at 9 ) and your manager asks you " are you in a hurry ?"

I need to be patient... for my men's incentives depend on me..
I love my job (touchwood)

Friday, April 18, 2008

unconditional love...

you find that in an unreserved compartment..
the 16 year old tam who works in nilambur press factory..
the middle aged woman who breastfeeded other woman's baby..
the chettan who gave me a seat ...
people who break language barriers and connect with others....
hmm... life fills me with hope...

Friday, March 28, 2008

oru kutti post

I felt happy for Him and Her .. Finally they said "yes" to each other..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"you have changed".. my father said.. " you don't speak much... no dramatic insecurities.. but still the same core... the same power in the eyes... I love the change..."

"i know ..." ..

it felt like ... a raymonds ad... the complete Man....

Dad.. thanks for spotting the change ... I learnt it .. painfully -- yes... But the change will last for a life time...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


been in this B-school..
learnt my lessons..
earned my M.B.A..
got a career..

I wanted the "feel" to sync in..
Guess I have attained my nirvana :) .. Become stable and looking forward.. However unlike occasions before I have an element of patience added...
Good sign.. Isnt it ?

signing out .. may be for a month or so .. Vacation beckons..

Monday, March 3, 2008

I said - part 1..

In the interview panel: " what is the difference between tam movies and mallu movies ?"

What I said: "One is extremely colorful, dramatic, passionate, out of world.. other is realistic and grounded to earth.. Both reflect their respective cultures.. "

what I didn't say.. " one reflects my love.. other reflects her expectations :P " ...

In hindsight I started appreciating both.. :) ...
Right now ... I can't wait to start my career ..

I utter a prayer .. For I can't control the fury within me... For I have waited so long for this opportunity.. For this is the beginning.. For a long beautiful road... For the massacre of lesser mortals...

" Let the Lord shower his mercy on the lesser mortals....

FmCg and the begining...

and i got what I wanted..

A B-school life comes to an end.. I got my favorite juniors drunk yesterday night... jasmine took a shot for me :) ..
I wanted to smoke grass for the first time. A bout of fever prevented me from trying that.

When will I leave this campus ?
Where will I be vacationing ?
He he .. No idea :P ..

For this backpacker, life has just begun ..

Cant wait to join the company as a Area sales manager

Saturday, February 9, 2008

To my wellwishers..

Pray for the atheist ..

I need to get into a FMCG.. Period.

If you ask me whether it is tough, It is tough for I have been into IT, Finance, Strategy and finally trying for sales..

My resume sucks..

My communication skills suck..

My preparations suck..

I just have one thing in my favor. I know what I want and I have convinced myself that this is what I want to do.. So convincing the interviewer should be easy.

This is a toast to the endless tea consumption, red eyes, night outs, nerve reckoning GDs and a LIFE after the ordeal ......................

Saturday, February 2, 2008


First day score XL 4 - IIMC 4...

I sledged a Tam girl along with my juniors.. I really felt bad about it and may be it will be a topic for another post..

All is fair in love, war and XL-IIMC :)..

A toast to all XLers and Jokars :)..

Friday, February 1, 2008


In less than 3 hours from now, our cousins from Joka(IIMC) will be here :P
The famous meet is on..
As we say Xlence is not for jokars :P

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anbe sivam and george orwell...

Satire is the binding theme..
except for one crucial mistake which KamalHasan makes, Anbe sivam is one of the brilliant movies made in Indian cinema.
He tells madhavan that Communism is a feeling that can't be wiped out though soviet union had disintegrated..
I m sure the whole movie was based on democratic socialism (which was espoused by Orwell as well) and there was no need for Kamal to introduce that dialouge glorifying communism...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eternal sunshine - Half movie review

just started watching the movie "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and the only word that comes to my mind is "Brilliant"..

but to my horror i just find ............ ( let it remain an incomplete post - see the label for the post :P )

Ego Massage

"Hows the paper?" The proff asked me..

He s known for his terror in quantitative subjects and his papers are tough nuts to crack..

"Irritating, sir" I was about to reply..

Thought for a moment ,"Tough Paper sir !" ..

He smiled.. I can see that he was addicted to hearing those words... Ego massage works..

There was a problem where I was supposed to work on 11*11 Matrix for 11 iterations.. I thought for a moment - realized that managers are not supposed to do those mechanical work and left the problem without solving it..

still the element of seeing the world in Black and white remains with me ... why the F*ck should I attempt a question just because it increases my grade ? (especially in a subject which I like and where I would love to see challenging questions..) ..I wasn't sure whether I should be scared about this quality of mine or whether I should be proud about it.. I know I have lost "her" due to this..

Thus ends this post ..( I honestly didn't know how to end this post :P )


Surprised that ...

  1. Few Men(few ?) still prefer women to be Home Makers
  2. Women let men know that they don't wear Tee-Jeans
  3. Women let men know that they haven't been on a Date
  4. Software engineers do not prefer software engineers ( I can see this trend)
I shrug it off as each one has his or her own idiosyncrasy :)

Anyways, Here is a toast to a friend of mine who ll be getting engaged on Feb 10th..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The jungle Boy..

what do you do when you have your closessssst pal( the Jungle boy) on earth visiting you for a day ?

You don't allow him to open his wallet.
You give him gifts
You spend your entire time with him

well, wrong.. this is what I did..

I never opened my wallet which had 5 Rs (It had 5 Rs on Jan 1st and continues to have only 5 Rs :( .. visitors Kindly contribute some money to this poor soul ).. He paid for me as well..
I never gave him anything !
I never spent time with him due to stupid case studies and classes...

Finally to atone for all my sins, I went to him and ...
asked him for 10 K as emergency fund to save me from defaulting....

Hail friendship !!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I read..

  1. Law
  2. Graph Theory as a part of Supply chain analytics ( The proff asked me in the class whether Graph Isomorphism is NP-complete :P)
  3. Marketing
  4. One Marketing subject which is more of HR rather than marketing
  5. Finance - Income Tax
Is there anything else I can do in the next two months? I guess the only subject I haven't touched formally would be Medicine :D.
The only problem is that I have to sit through HR class , rush to Graph theory class and finish my day with a Law class... at the end of the day I don't remember or recollect any damn thing.

Backpacker - Computer Science, Finance, Marketing , Law, HR specialist ...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

His love...

Its official :) ...

The guy whom I would have married if he were a gal, finally found his lady love.

Here is the Toast, To Him and To His lady love - Let the love flow, Let him be the cheralathan and she be the Nachallai....


Carla Bruni to the Daily mail :

"They never get mature — only age. A man is the way he is at the age of 20, basically forever. They don't seem to have an evolution. The older man is just older. They learn in life and from their job but in relationships, what they are they stay"


Are Models really Dumb :) ? or do they behave in a stupid way to enhance their sexuality or girlishness or whatever ? (Because I do know few guys who like gals pretending to be dumb )

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Received a mail today from a Friend of mine during IIT days ...

How are you?
Just wanted to say hi to u. Long time since we spoke.
"Even though we've changed and we're all busy finding our own place in the world, we all know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no matter where this world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we're not at all still friends just because we are not keeping in touch."
I read the above thing on net somewhere and I donno y..........u came to my mind.
Mail me how u r n whatz happening in ur life when u r free.



Friendship is like a rain.. Enjoy that as long as it lasts..
I could never relate to the above sentence three years ago.. But I can relate to that now..
Sometimes you wish the rain lasts for ever,along with a sunshine and a rainbow...

-Just like chettan, Farhan in France
-Just like kaadu
-just like him at Munich
-just like so many other people in my life
-just like an unknown girl .. ahem... ahem.. :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


As of now, I m not sure whether it is a sign of maturity or death of a passionate angry young man..

But let me note this fact in this post.. I have stopped cribbing (Note: conditions apply :P..see the last line).

I do feel disappointed that things are not going my way but cribbing is a strict No-No these days.
Life in a B-school comes with its own strings. The biggest pain in the ass are the pre-placement Talks of companies. A cliched PPT will have following slides
  1. why their company is a "hep" place to work(followed by few slides picturing people in the company playing innovative and thought provoking games like Hide and seek) .
  2. Some arbit Magazine rating them as the best place to work ( conveniently omitting the fact that magazine would have rated their US offices :P)
  3. Some Process flow in their company (with a font size of 8, No one would be able to read the slides)
  4. some jargons like competence,challenges thrown in.
Finally the PPT would be followed by a Tea session where bakras of tomorrow will interact with Bakras of yesteryears :P.

My dream PPT:
  1. Should end in 2 minutes
  2. The compensation slide should be the first
  3. The roles offered should be second slide
  4. Any questions ? should be the third slide
Condition : I ll continue to crib in my blog :P

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Massacre of a Minnow

Finally I realised what is meant by getting "Raped" in an interview....
An eye-opener for further ones down the road...


Mozilla Fire fox is the culprit. Suddenly Firefox stopped working in my sick windows OS.
I tried installing Firefox2 and failed.
Finally when I managed to install Firfox 3 - Beta version, I grinned :D

I couldn't believe that I am one of the firefox addicts now. I couldn't imagine browsing in IE and stopped browsing until I found some time to tweak with firefox.

1) Tomorrow is one of the "BIG" days in life...
2) "Shwaas" - A good Marathi movie.. Loved it

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My crush :P

On your birthday...

Jan 12th...

I remembered.. without orkut's help ( these days it's orkut which reminds us about close friends' Birthday. Thats what a unknown girl claimed :P)

The song I dedicate to you: "Alizee - Moi Lolita" ( I can't dedicate "Alizee" to you :P so you get the song and I get Alizee )

Pity, I thought that someone will dedicate a song to you :P.

Its not yet time to call you and enquire whether you ll "G.A.T.E" crash this year. Hope you do crash this year.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

frust - 2

what can the interviewer do if I fuck up my chance :P ?...

Friday, January 11, 2008


what can you do if the interviewer refuses to ask anything ? :( ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ad of the week...

Impossible isn’t a fact; it’s an opinion -- Adidas ...

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I lost it.
I lost it for the right reasons.
I do not want to be perceived as a rebel and a Non-conformist.
All my friends advised me to move on.. they said "it can happen again" in life...
I have to concentrate on my career and my job interviews ahead.
Eventually I had to give up..
I couldn't fight. Job first and ..... Hair next :P

I got my hair cut today :P ...

P.S. Such a long hair :( .. sob sob.. !! ..

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dhil Chata Hai !!

Chief, AA and the backpacker :P at Marsaille (chateau De if)

Future of Linux

Unless Linux is optimised for Mobile phones, the future is not bright.. and it is not yet optimised(as far as I know)..

I felt and inferred it after doing some research on mobile phones...

my logic is as follows( from Brand leader perspective) :
Price of multimedia phone drops --> more people use it(currently mobile penetration is more than Computer penetration) --> more people use Linux based mobiles and are comfortable with it --> people buy laptops --> People are not averse to use Linux in laptops.

I seriously believe that biggest advantage of Microsoft is their marketing ability and ability to foresee things.

1) I Haven't updated my knowledge on Google's Android platform which might be open source.
2) I have started liking gadgets ever since I saw an I-phone :) ...

Friday, January 4, 2008


so near and yet so far...
got a shortlist for a competition in kozhikode and couldn't make it.
and there goes all my plan... of visiting His place and My place :(...

you would have seen so many good pictures of kerala.. but then see this
Jeevan rocks.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am not...

I am not a Jesus Christ who would carry others' sins...
I am not responsible for your actions...
I backpack with you until you reach your destination...
and you reached your destination two years back.. I had other travel plans in my itinerary..

you are free to imagine that
my destination is not reachable;
I am the sinner;
I am responsible for your actions;
I missed you;

I am a narcotic
who would help you feel better by speaking your mind;
by telling you the words you want to hear;

(this post was written after I thought that I put too much pressure on myself by writing the previous post... )

p.s: This post DOES NOT apply to my friends...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Forgive me for whatever Happened two-three years ago..

She reminds me the vulnerability of women..
she reminds me the doggedness of women..

I repent for whatever I did to a pure, innocent soul two years back...

P.S. A mail which I got today bled my heart and reminded me of my sins...


Marsaille ...

The beautiful Mer Med...