Thursday, November 29, 2007

yes minister ....

He plays vote bank politics.
He created a huge controversy over a non-issue.
He singlehandedly tried to destroy AIIMS.
but then He took the war to tobacco companies.

yes, the fact that I would love to sell cigarettes is no way related to the fact that I hate millions of children thinking that smoking is the coolest thing to do.

Smoking is for losers and I have seen so many good men lose their stamina due to it..

I hate good men turning into vegetables. Period.

men and boys

depressed and sick..

physical pain.. The ultimate test for the MAN.
or does every man have his own threshold level for physical pain ?
I don't think I have passed the test yet.

I am a 26 year old "boy" and not a "man" yet :(...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

miss this kiss..

For the past two weeks, either I never saw a couple kissing each other or I had become oblivious to it :P

I wondered whether such miracles were possible in France where every moment you see guys and girls kissing each other.

Needless to say that I started missing it.

This is France, the most romantic country in the world and I couldn't believe that people have stopped kissing each other suddenly.

But at the top of Eiffel tower my prayers were answered.

The Seine or the lights of Paris were not as beautiful as the romance at the top of Eiffel tower and my CREATIVE ZEN Mp3 player was playing MLTR - Someday.....

good man..

A soul stirring post written on CM by JK.

dey Jk machi, you are a good man( copied from Anbe sivam).

From Nachalai to Udit narayan

I knew that it had to happen. It happened.
Its almost two months since I spoke with someone in Tamil and effects are already visible.
Yesterday I was listening to a Tamil song and I couldn't infer what "Punal" meant. I knew that it might be "river" but still I wasn't sure.

Five years ago, I would have hung my head in shame.
Not any more. Things have changed and will continue to change. I just acknowledge it and move on.

My interest in Tamil literature has gradually declined and I have lost all my interest in songs/movies/literature.

Nachalai: Tamil poetess who married King Cheralathan in the Sangam period. She was my dream girl once upon a time :P

Udit Narayan: The singer who kills Tamil songs :P

dumb dumber dumbest...

Two good souls back home included my name in their B-school competition team.

why ?

No. Not because I am intelligent. Because I am a friend and they know that I need an elusive point in my CV to get a shortlist.

and what did I do ?

I didn't inform them that I was part of another team.

As I often say these days - At the age of 17 I wouldn't have made these mistakes.. But at the age of 26 I make a lot of them..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

around me..

The supply chain class is going on..
Ofcourse not in English ... in a language that sounds like Greek and Latin to me .. alrite, it sounds like French :P

I look at people around me right now.

IIMC guy : " Will I get a consult and an international location ?"

IIMB guy : " How the f*ck did I miss the I-bank PPO ?"

IIMI guy : " will I pass in European business system ?"

Belgian : " I am happy as long as I can chat with my girl friend."

Brazilian : " Will I get a chance tonight :P?(rest censored)"

XLRI guy : " How can I blog about this? "

XLRI gal : well .. she bunked the class :P.. the most intelligent one..muhaha

Monday, November 19, 2007


Amsterdam strip tease club and crowded streets of Matunga

Madurai meenakshi amman temple and atheism

Ilayaraja and Stairway to Heaven

Mtech and MBa

Finance and Marketing

Extremely volatile at slightest provocations and highly stable at tough situations

The feeling of belonging and loneliness

Warm heart and a cold stare

Bright yellow leaves and dark brown barks

Good Will Hunting and Thoovanathumbigal

Wet-nights and teetotaler

Sex and virginity

Know them and then you know me…..

Saturday, November 17, 2007


How do you feel when a 30 year old guy who has arthritis, and affected by tuberculosis beats you hands down in Badminton by making you run all around the court and finally tells you straight at the face: " you are 22 in your mind, 26 in reality, and 30+ years old physically" ?

well, you die. Period.

Have your ever killed a chicken in your bare hands just to take revenge on it?
Have your killed a kitten in your bare hands because it killed your pet pigeon?
I didn't. But I know the guy who did.

After a long time, I see a "been there- seen that-did that- I feel like god" man...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

cutting onions...

I have tried/experienced all of the following things.

1) Running five Kms at a stretch. ( Will try for ten very soon)

2) Fifty Kgs of Bench press ( that includes the rod as well.. he he)

3) "Adam"-teased ?? by five beautiful French women. (No, not because I look Handsome. Infact yours truly is one of the mirror cracking materials in this planet. That was because I leched at them and I was alone).

4) Getting screwed in summers/grades.

and then if you still think that I am one of "been there , seen them" types, Please forget that..

For I have never "cut onions " in my life.

Believe me, Thats one of the most painful jobs I have ever done..

This blog is dedicated to all those guys who "cut onions" in life.. :P

p.s. ( Actually I got the title of the blog when I was cutting onions for my dinner :P.. and I just need a crap post to substantiate the title... so here we go :P)