Monday, December 31, 2007

The other half..

No.. This post is not about "My" girl.

This post is about my frustration of being the one and the only son to my parents :(.
I always wanted to have a sister. The fact that all the guys around me have sisters doesn't help my cause.

new year...

Absolutely zilch resolutions from my side...

what am I looking forward ?? :P

1) A crowd in Football ground frantically trying to jog
2) A crowd in Gym trying to lose the extra flab
3) People who would try to become Teetotalers

Let me wish them success.

P.s. If you want to quit, quit it on dec 31st... Just dont wait for Jan 1st...

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Unfair sex

"I had won at the genetic lottery that had determined my sex" - The Kite Runner.

In India its a different story altogether especially if you study in an elite engineering or Management college.

if you haven't heard terms C.A and L.T (common jargons in a B school), then its time for you to hear them.

C.A - Ch**h Allowance
L.T - Lu**d Tax

I know a respectable database company which recruited a girl because she looked good (infact the HR who recruited her tried to hit on her as soon as she joined)...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I just got a weird thought in my mind ...

I like and respect few people in my senior batch and I was wondering whether I moving/calling/interacting them will be perceived as "sucking up"...

May be I should stop here for a time being.. until I get placed.

I miss something.. May be If I continue to miss it, I can post something on that...
I dread the fact that I lost "it".

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Lonely Backpacker..

Me all alone in a train at Port-Bou..

Someone(My Messiah ?) who treated me to three cups of Coffee at Port-Bou...


This Backpack (and the guy who owns it) had seen it all :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

First year or Second year

Place: College Cafeteria.
Date: December 12th.

Friend: We need a Birthday cake

cakewala: Fine.. Can you please tell me the name

Friend: Rajnikanth

cakewala: Does he belong to First year to Second year ? :P

Hmm... for many people India doesn't extend beyond Maharashtra!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

early morning at Jampot

(For a change this post will resemble a mail to my close friend)

Time: 5.00 A.M
just didn't feel like sleeping.
working on a case now. seems like a crackable one.

yeah thats it..

the mail ends now :P ... ( so many changes in life and I don't feel like telling
anyone about them !!!! ... )

song which I m listening now : "aathangara" by A.R. Rahman

P.S: I am thinking about “that” (at this moment) and I realise that it was my fault :). But what the heck!! I need not apologize for anything in my life :P

Saturday, December 15, 2007

CDG Terminal 2

Just a small "HI" from Charles De Gaulle airport Terminal 2 .. :P

It comes to an end.. but the "Backpacker" spirit would continue to flourish...

I love you europe.. for the changes you brought into my life; for breaking the stereotypes;

Been there..
Seen it..
Done it as well..

Au Revior ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Barcelona ..

The news that Kaadu will be doing his MBA at Oxford brings me so much happiness that I forgot what I want to blog :)
Anyways the news puts us back in the track .. the track where Men do great things.. they were destined to do and no one can change "that" destiny.
For the first time in this euro trip, I found that I didn't have enough money to buy what I wanted to buy for my friend(nee thaanda ...The anon guy ).
Foot Ball club Barcelona - The official shop sold everything in a premium and I managed one teddy bear with FCB logo for him...
I need to earn and earn a lot ..
Met an interesting Norwegian guy who backpacks Europe by carrying his own tent and stove. He ripped apart my beliefs and I got to go back and check my premises.
In 30 minutes, he bought me three cups of coffee and told his life story.
Atleast I know what I do not want in life..

Gaudi , Las ramblas, Barcelonata, avant garde musicians and above all LIFE -- thats Barcelona in short.

Paris, Lyon, Venice, Milan, Florence, Munich, Vienna, Barcelona, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin and above all Amsterdam... This backpacker has seen it all...

The party is over and home beckons.... I do feel sad
I want to come back to Europe for I don't have anything back home. I "feel" that..

Sunday, December 9, 2007

who is she ?

She is a hot girl whom the whole college leched(including the backpacker ).
People said that she has become more beautiful in recent days.
I went to meet a guy whom I like and she was there as well.
Now for the entire day I was with her and I didn't lech her :) .. ( this should be hard to believe.. trust me guys.. even for me its hard to believe.. )

No.. Not an acquaintance.
No.. but Not a close friend.
yes.. just one more fan of her :P..

I was trying hard to sell my chettan and this is how it went ..

She: Is he a mallu ?
Me: yes he is
Is he single ?
yes he is.
Does he want to get married in one year from now ?
yes he wants to get married.
Is he a Christian ?
No he is not..
still its ok.. either of us can convert..
but there is a problem..
he doesn't drink..
its ok.. I ll drink for him as well :) ( at this point, the whole group was ROTFL )

well, then I started selling him..

He s a great basketball player, an IITian, amazing attitude , Mr. Nice guy etc..
but then there is one problem.
what is it ?
he s looking for an intelligent girl :D

Game, Set, Match - Backpacker... Muhahaha....

p.s. we miss you girl. There is no one to match your looks and attitude in college.. Any takers for this opinion ? :P

Friday, December 7, 2007

Past.. Present

Dec 7th 2006

How can they complete the dissert in one day ? How can the college allow that ?

Dec 7th 2007

I am trying to complete my dissert. Oh yes ! I started just now and will try to complete in next 6 hours :)

Do I feel sad for it ? I do. Because I wanted to do some good work. I did. I tried inferring new things. But then ....... sigh !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lech ..Lecher.. Lechest.. :)

Damn hot girls ...

the chinese girl whom I met in Bus
the italian girl from Turin
the Belgian girl in Supply chain course
the african girl in Milan Metro
the ENS girl who plays basketball

and ofcourse every French girl is hot.

One stupid stereotype I had was that Indian girls are the prettiest...

But as I said all stupid things must come to an end :)

Will I ever get leching opportunity like this ? Sigh.........

p.s. The Belgian girl is "extra" hot :)... Hmmm...

Romance - Part 1

Girls are dumb. They can't speak about this topic.

Backpacker, what is your view on this topic ?

No Ma'am, I wont speak until she speaks.

I looked into her eyes as I said the above sentence.

Da, you just killed me by defending me.

I know that… Can’t you see the crush in my eyes?

She did see… after 10 years…

I will speak about this topic...

She looked at me and her eyes said that she will speak for me and not for the entire class….

I know that …

Thus started his Standard 8th crush.

Monday, December 3, 2007

pesky and petulant

For the past one week, I have troubled Farhan and Chettan so much that I feel guilty right now :P

But they don't have a choice :P.
Do they ?

The worst thing that happened to me in France: "Staying with chettan" :P
I didn't change. I was never forced to change.
But I hope I learnt my lessons just by living with great men.
Some people are so special and they make the world a special place to live.

you guys are one reason why I haven't turned cynical inspite of *********** (censored for readers). Period.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Oral Herpes with staphylococci superimposed - That was the diagnosis..

For the first time in my life anti-viral acyclovir was prescribed..

and advices include
1) abstain from sex :P ( as if I make out every women in France)
2) Separate vessels.

Pain, loneliness, a tough Finance exam in two days where I have a bright chance of Flunking, Hallucinations at 102 Degree fever -- Life is beautiful

P.S. The only thing that makes me smile is Farhan's and Chettan's sarcasm and questions like " Since you are not a religious person, Do you want us to bury your body or burn it after your death ?"

" How did you contract oral herpes? did you put wrong thing at wrong place ?". :P