Friday, March 28, 2008

oru kutti post

I felt happy for Him and Her .. Finally they said "yes" to each other..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"you have changed".. my father said.. " you don't speak much... no dramatic insecurities.. but still the same core... the same power in the eyes... I love the change..."

"i know ..." ..

it felt like ... a raymonds ad... the complete Man....

Dad.. thanks for spotting the change ... I learnt it .. painfully -- yes... But the change will last for a life time...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


been in this B-school..
learnt my lessons..
earned my M.B.A..
got a career..

I wanted the "feel" to sync in..
Guess I have attained my nirvana :) .. Become stable and looking forward.. However unlike occasions before I have an element of patience added...
Good sign.. Isnt it ?

signing out .. may be for a month or so .. Vacation beckons..

Monday, March 3, 2008

I said - part 1..

In the interview panel: " what is the difference between tam movies and mallu movies ?"

What I said: "One is extremely colorful, dramatic, passionate, out of world.. other is realistic and grounded to earth.. Both reflect their respective cultures.. "

what I didn't say.. " one reflects my love.. other reflects her expectations :P " ...

In hindsight I started appreciating both.. :) ...
Right now ... I can't wait to start my career ..

I utter a prayer .. For I can't control the fury within me... For I have waited so long for this opportunity.. For this is the beginning.. For a long beautiful road... For the massacre of lesser mortals...

" Let the Lord shower his mercy on the lesser mortals....

FmCg and the begining...

and i got what I wanted..

A B-school life comes to an end.. I got my favorite juniors drunk yesterday night... jasmine took a shot for me :) ..
I wanted to smoke grass for the first time. A bout of fever prevented me from trying that.

When will I leave this campus ?
Where will I be vacationing ?
He he .. No idea :P ..

For this backpacker, life has just begun ..

Cant wait to join the company as a Area sales manager