Friday, October 17, 2008

OMG !!

The only reaction which I want to show after seeing all TN politicians fighting for srilankan Tamils : "Ohh My God !! Not again.. "
I hope these political fools realise that they are digging their own grave....
I hope India doesn't interfere in someone's internal mess.
I realise that my kindness is mistaken for weakness...
No I don't want to please everyone in my life.. My DNA has not been programmed to do that ..
I do show special affection to people whom I love ..... but that ends there ...
I am definitely not a "insecure" type who wants many people around me ( infact its other way around ...I want to be left alone in this world .. where I can shape it the way I want it to be shaped.. )
No , this section is not about "him" who was the subject of my previous posts.. I can understand his reactions. Its just that I have become cool about the whole episode. I don't like him or hate him.. I just don't think about him anymore.
First reaction after seeing Delhi (unlike most of the suvave people, I have seen the other side of Delhi... the other side where cycle rickshaws are the preferred mode of the transport) -- " Nothing can beat mumbai... period".
The most important Turn-on for me ... " she should be someone who has a good heart" ...
Again if her kindness is mistaken for weakness, then she should fu*k their happiness..
Intelligence + Innocence -- ( will I ever get this combo ? :P .. hopefully I'll get lucky as I always have been in life :D)
Well, I hate mentioning this.. But then i should...
There are so many people who think that men jump at first sight ..No (from my experience)
- I really think my sperm is precious. I can't waste it on any random girl..
- No .. Just because I am a guy doesn't mean that I ll have sex with random girl just because I get an opportunity..
- Sex and love are definitely related... atleast for me.
- No .. the above sentences doesn't prove anything about my manhood.. I am answerable to my girl and I am sure my girl will not find me lacking in anything :P .. I ll be more than willing to "cooperate" :D
- some men hate to lose their virginity.. Period.. It has to be special for them :D
- No.. I am not oppposed to pre-marital sex.. I am definitely a liberal .. But that doesnt mean that I'll use an opportunity... I definitely respect women..
( something which happened in my life few days back made me to write this section... )
I dont think I am a "CEO" material... the bubble had burst after seeing people like my mentors who are way way ahead in life ...
I respect and love my team. My team respects me... Hopefully they ll start loving me back :D
I have seen so many sectors.. but then,
If you are choosing FMCG, you ll never regret in life...
where are the TAM songs ?
Is it an end of an era ? Gone are the days of Ilayaraja ....
I guess he is unofficially dead unless "Naan kadavul" brings him back..

Currently reading
you are here - By meenakshi madhavan reddy ..
Elephant, tiger and cellphone - Shashi Tharoor ..
Some compilation of malayalam short stories ..
Rural Marketing ..
Fooled by randomness ...
and ofcourse a Sudhir Kakkar's book. He just rocks ...

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Surya said...


I dunno whether to be sarcastic, feel good, feel bad or just give up on you...

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

good to see you back dude...
and too many things are there in the entry... and don't know what to comment about...

Laughed during the girl/sperm/sex/premarital section! :)


Just be sarcastic, even we (other readers) could enjoy it. ;)

Jasmine said...

Hmm.. Very interesting post, I must say.

And do you even remember that I exist, btw? Spend some of that FMCG money on a phone call, why don't you? :(

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Srilankan Tamils...

Don't you think that some percent of the population will anyway migrate to tamilnadu? Though many move to canada,norway,UK etc...

Hmmmm... Even one of our closest buddy's family roots is in Lanka...

and what abt this?

"something which happened in my life few days back made me to write this section... " :-p


Anonymous said...

dei. seriously "how many periods were there between your last 5 blogs?".

couldn't stop cracking this PJ da. mannichukko.


Anonymous said...

gud post!!!
wanted to know abt u(by all means possible)..
thats y creeped in..but i got a mild heart attack when i read
girl/sperm/sex/premarital section..
but anyways i like ur openess ..
still not out of the attack..
see ya:)